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The Amazing Recipes food blogger does not share customer information of any kind with anyone or a company. We will not sell or rent your name or other personal information to any third party. We do not sell, rent or provide access to our E-mail list or any data that we store on our server. Any data that a user store via our facilities is wholly owned by that user. At anytime a user or business is free to unsubscribe and leave.

The Amazing Recipes food blogger only collects such personal information that is necessary for you to access and use our services. This personal information includes name, and E-mail Address and the message from your side.

This information is automatically collected while a visitor navigates and interacts with the content on our website/blogger. The main purpose of collecting this information is to improve the user experience.


Comments submitted to this website/food blog are the responsibility of the commenter. We reserve the right to remove or edit comments at our discretion. Site URLs are published along with comments. E-mail addresses are required with the submission of comments. Comment information is stored in our secure system i.e only comments are shown on our blogger with the name.

The Amazing Recipes Food Blog reserves the right to delete any comment that it deems not beneficial to the readership. This includes but is not limited to comments containing self-promotion, harassment, threats, or spam of any type.