5 amazing healthy drinking recipes for summer with benefits

In summer season people like to drink different cold and healthy drinks and juices due to the hot season of summer.Here, we will tell you about the 5 amazing healthy drinking recipes for the summer season, which is easy to make within a short time only 5 to 10 minutes at home.

5 amazing healthy drinking recipes for summer with benefits

Here, we will talk about the 5 amazing healthy drinking recipes for the summer season full of healthy and natural ingredients. These drinking healthy recipes help you to fulfill the needs of the human body and also helpful in reducing fats and stomach issues.

5 Amazing healthy drinking recipes

  1. Yogurt drink/ Lassi recipe
  2. Cold coffee recipe
  3. Almond milk shake recipe
  4. Dry prune juice recipes
  5. Strawberry milkshake recipe
  1. Yogurt drink/Lassi recipe

Yogurt drink/Lassi recipe is a famous drink recipe in south Asian countries like Pakistan and India’s Punjab side provinces people like to drink this recipe mostly in the summer season for body refreshment. This recipe is to make you just need 2 cups of yogurt and a cup of water and mix them well in the blender and your recipe is ready.This recipe is useful for those who are facing jaundice problem. Here you can check “Yogurt drink/Lassi Recipes“.

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  1. Cold coffee recipe

The cold coffee recipe is famous continental recipe full of healthy ingredients.This recipe is also called the Iced coffee recipe.You can make this recipe within 10 minutes and this recipe is full healthy ingredients that include Chocolate that you can use according to your taste and milk plus ice cream.This recipe is full of healthy nutrients that include vitamins, Iron, and proteins. Here you can check this recipe how to make this recipe at home “COLD COFFE RECIPE“.

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  1. Almond milk shake with dates recipe

Almond milk shake with dates recipe is an Asian recipe full of healthy ingredients that include healthy ingredients like dates, almonds, and milk this recipe is mostly used in Ramadan month in Muslim countries. This recipe is also useful for the health of a human body for those who are going to the gym can increase their muscles size by using this recipe. Here you can check our full recipe of “Almond milk shake with dates recipe“.

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  1. Dry prune juice recipe

Dry prune juice recipe is famous all over the world due to health benefits and healthy ingredients that are used in this recipe. This recipe is full of vitamins and other healthy nutrients. By using this recipe you can reduce fat from your body and also increase your digestion system. Here, you can check our recipe of “Dry prune juice recipe“.

  1. Strawberry milkshake recipe

Strawberry milkshake is a sweet dessert recipe full of healthy strawberries and milk. This recipe is mostly used in summer season due to its healthy nutrients that strawberry recipe contain. Here you can check our “Strawberry milkshake recipe” that you can make easily within 5 minutes you just need strawberries and milk and blend them in blender machine.This recipe is full of 97% vitamin C.

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