4 recipes that help you to reduce your fat and stomach issues

4 recipes that help you to reduce fat and stomach issues

People face many health problems related to stomach, digestion and reducing fats which is the real root cause of many different diseases. Here, today we are going to share the 4 secret recipes that help you reduce stomach problems and also helpful in reducing fat from your body.Here, you go with our 4 secret and healthy recipes that include fruits and vegetables, quick and easy and has absolutely no side effects at all. You can make these recipes easily at home.


1. Dry prune juice recipe
2. Mint and carom seeds recipe
3. Lemon Juice Benefits
4. Cucumber healthy benefits

1. Dry prune juice recipe

Dry prune juice recipe is a very healthy recipe, which is beneficial for reducing stomach issues and fats from the body. This recipe is very easy to make you just need 100-gram dry prune fruit and put this fruit in 1-liter water and put these ingredients in the fridge for a week and after a week use this juice or recipe daily once a day. This recipe is helpful in
1. Reduce the cholesterol level
2. Reduce fats from the body
3. Maintains blood sugar level
4. Normalize our digestive system
You can also check our full recipe on our food blog “Dry Prune Juice Recipe” for its complete nutritional information.

2. Mint and carom seeds tea recipe

Mint and carom seed tea recipe is full of healthy ingredients that include mint and carom seeds.This recipe is very simple and easy, you just have to put half teaspoon carom seeds in a wok with 15 leafs of mint and add one cup of water and boil them for 5 to 8 minutes.  For complete details and nutritional information you can check our full recipe of “Mint carom seeds tea“. This recipe is helpful in

1. Reducing fats from our body.
2. Reduce asthma disease.
3. Make our digestion system well.
4. Helpful in dissolving kidney stones.
5. Reduce stomach issues like acidity.

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3. Lemon juice benefits

1. Lemon is a source of vitamin C, that protects the human body against immune system deficiencies.
2. Lemon juice helps us to make our digestion system better.
3. It also helps to reduce the pain and inflammation in our joints and knees. See more benefits of this healthy juice “Lemon Juice”.

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4. Cucumber health benefits

Cucumber is a salad vegetable, which is a major part of a vegetable salad recipe. This salad vegetable is mostly used in Asian salad recipe. Cucumber is beneficial in
1. Losing our weight.
2. Fulfill the need of water.
3. Helpful in reducing cholesterol level.
4. Reduce the cancer risks.
5. Maintain our blood pressure level.

Here, is some “Cucumber health benefits”.

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